Introducing our 2CLIXZ Mobile App

Overcome the typical frustrations that occur when someone needs to create a ticket for service or repair.

Empower your employees to scan a device and seamlessly create a ticket for a service request, to order supplies, or to submit a meter read.


No more searching around for who to call, where to go, or how to create a ticket.


Any employee can take responsibility for supplies or service requests, eliminating a chain of authority.


Eliminate duplicate tickets and enable notifications on ticket status.

Corporate Office Implementation

No action on your part – we visit your offices and apply a QR Label to all the printer and copier devices while removing obsolete labels that may have been attached in the past.

Remote Office Implementation

We send the QR label to each of your home-office based employees for them to attach to their printers.

Everyday Use

If a problem ever occurs with one of your copier or printers, any employee can scan the QR label from their handheld device. Once they are a registered user of the 2CLIXZ App, then it will open automatically to the ticket screen. Simply enter requested details and submit. The system will tell the user if the problem has been previously reported and the status will update as the dispatcher responds.

Asset Management

No need to stop with your printers and copiers! Start to add all your other equipment assets and start to use the App to simplify your asset management process throughout your office and home office locations.

What people are saying...

Candice K.

"I don't have to worry about how to report problems anymore."

Christopher M.

"Easy application to install and use."

Aisha P.

"Saves me so much time."

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