Our Digital Device Network Saves You Money

Join our network to improve efficiency and control your printer supplies cost.

Quick and Easy Installation

Install our App on one or more of your networked devices.

Works in the  Background

Identifies all connected devices and begins monitoring.

Notification of Replenishment

Lets you know when to order new consumables.

Device Management

After installing our App on one or more networked devices, the software will identify every printer on your network(s) and determine the amount of ink or toner remaining in each cartridge. Over a period of approximately 30 days the usage pattern will be determined and our proprietary algorithms will calculate the projected date the cartridge needs to be replaced.

Multiple Networks

More and more employees are now working remotely from their corporate office out of their home base. This is a trend that's likely to continue and, in the absence of technology, makes it harder for employers to manage expenses. Regardless of whether it's an office or a home network, and regardless of the operating system (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc.), you become empowered to organize your employees print devices under a single hierarchy.

Enable Decentralized Purchasing

Most businesses are allowing a greater degree of remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means many employees are purchasing essential office supplies from higher-priced sources. This, in turn, has become a nightmare for employers to manage, often only seeing the results of these purchases after receiving an expense report requesting reimbursement. After installing the App, a global view of employees cartridge requirements are generated in a dashboard that allows buyers to maintain effective budget control.

Total Cost of Ownership

Over a monitored period as short as 2 - 3 months it becomes possible to calculate the total cost of ownership for every networked printer. This capability brings device management into play in terms of optimizing the purchase of consumables for each device as well as the eventual purchase of replacement devices.

Automate Supplies Replenishment 

Avoid panic trips to the superstores and paying top dollar for replacement cartridges or visits to Amazon and being tempted with "too-good-to-be-true" offers for cartridges that you have no idea if they will work. Leveraging the proprietary algorithms in our cartridge monitoring software ensures a new cartridge is only dispatched when it is required. This may be long after the ink or toner "low" warning first appears!

What people are saying...

Elizabeth D.

"This has helped us reduce our supplies costs by 20%!

John S.

"I really like getting the replacements automatically, and that I don't have to constantly monitor my supply."

Jerome W.

"It's so easy to install the app, it only took 5 minutes and we were up and running.

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