Virtual Private Network

Securely capture all your remote locations into your network

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Secure Your Data

VPNs use encryption to scramble data when it is sent over the internet making the data unreadable.

Manage Your Team

Monitor VPN usage and resolve traffic bottlenecks and excessive resource consumption that affect productivity.

Control Your Budget

Manage supplies consumption such as ink and toner from your corporate office and replenish when required.

Why do I need a VPN?

The new reality for employers is for their employees to spend more time working from remote locations such as their home office. To do so effectively, they must have secure access to company data and files based on their individual permission levels regardless of their physical location.

Improved Security

A VPN is a secure solution that allows users to send and receive data via the internet while ensuring the authenticity of individual users and maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the data traveling across the VPN.

Remote Access

Keeping your data safe while ensuring authorized employees can move into and out of your corporate network structure in the most secure way possible using their computers, laptops, and mobile devices from remote locations.

Virtual Teams

If some of your team members are working remotely from their home offices, you can work as a virtual team without it being necessary to be present at the main office or physically gathered in some other location.

Multiple Device Support

More employees are working from remote locations and must connect to the company network via desktops, laptops, and mobile devices while potentially using a variety of operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android, and can all be accommodated with the appropriate VPN infrastructure.

DNS Leak Protection and Kill Switch

Occasionally there will be a break in the connection while a user is online, but the VPN protocol helps guarantee the user's information stays safe, secure, and anonymous if the connection drops. A VPN “kill switch” is what keeps your domain from being exposed if a connection break occurs.

Budget Control and Asset Management

Regardless of the physical locations your company assets, such as computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc. may have now dispersed to, they can be visible in the VPN infrastructure and managed in terms of supplies, routine maintenance, and software compliance.

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